Dawn Grimsich work with custom design

Dawn Grimsich asked me to create a custom design for her
 inspired from a original painting
the proper adjustments were made to the design
 to keep it original
yet still to be a strong impression of the design that dawn desired to atchive
the rest is her beautifull work that she created in a special place in her own home
thank you Dawn
 for sharing your creativity with us and brilliance in application


joyce nelson ginko leaf design and silver leaf

joyce and i started out with a ginko pattern from her clients insperation
we visited about the idea and joyce planned the spacifics of the design with me ,
the scales ,how the flow should look the application method so we could chose a possative or negative design for joyce to apply
joyce gave me the count of designs she would need for her layout

here is the idea and vision come to life joyce  this is just BEAUTIFULL !!

custom designs most recent for mindy and brenda

there has been a few custom designs i do for people off and on though out  the years and here are a few of the most recent
 this one is from a wallcovering design that will be in a spread out all over pattern
the design itself is not a duplicate ,but rather a impression of the original

here is the second design completed most recent mindy requested a cia logo that was far from the original logo  all the wording is different from the original logo and now represents something totaly different in its original meening
very creative and a one of a kind mindy created for one of her clients .
we hope to see theses as finished photos after application is complete both by mindy and brenda :)
thank you so much mindy and brenda for allowing me to help make your insperations come to life :)